Thursday, November 19, 2015


Good morning Gentle Reader, it appears that we survived the night.  We survived to see the morning.  If an eventful event was supposed to happen last night, then clearly nothing happened.  But then again, last night was stricken by a blackout which started close to midnight and may have kept going all the way until just about right now.  I guess it doesn't matter if there's an electric blackout going on close to and beyond midnight since not much people are awake at those hours in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.  It's easy to get paranoid and turn an electric blackout into something bigger than it was supposed to be.  Sometimes an electric blackout is just simply an electric blackout.  Anyway, it's morning.  The sun will rise soon.  Time for us all to start a brand new day.
And as I'm lost in thought during the morning hours, here are some photos of Sarah Jessica Parker.

 Sarah Jessica Parker with her twin daughters Marion Broderick and Tabatha Broderick

 Sarah Jessica Parker and her son James Broderick

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