Wednesday, November 25, 2015


Elena "Ellie" Jane Goulding was born in Hereford, England on December 30, 1986.  However, her family didn't stay there long.  Ellie was actually raised in a nearby Kington, Herefordshire in the small town of  Lyonshall.  Her father Aurthur Goulding was an undertaker engaged in the family business in the funeral business while her mother Tracy Goulding worked as an employee in the supermarket.  Her parents didn't get along and she was only five when her parents separated before getting divorced.  Her never identified and much hated Step-Father was employed as a lorry driver (British for truck driver).  Gifted in music at an early age, it was at age nine that she played the clarinet and it was at the age of fourteen that she played the guitar.    Her education was engaged at Lady Hawkins High School and Sixth Form College before being shifted towards Hereford Sixth Form College where she started to write songs.  With her skills in writing songs and performing those songs that she wrote, she entered and won a singing competition.  Electronic music became her passion while attending the University of Kent.  But her education at the University of Kent didn't last long and she was eventually expelled.  Before her expulsion from the University of Kent, Lillywhite of Turn First Artists at a university talent contest discovered her and became her manager when she got expelled from the University of Kent.  Ellie Goulding was signed to Polydor Records on 2009.  Her debut album was released one year later on 2010.  Her second album was released on 2012.  Her third album was released on 2015.  Ellie Goulding continues to write and perform music at this exact moment of time.





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