Tuesday, November 3, 2015


It's night and I'm tired.  It would feel good to get some rest.  It's always good to get some sleep at night.  There's no need to feel ashamed about needing to get some sleep at night.  I always feel better in the morning after getting some sleep.  But first, let's look up at the sky.  We shall see the stars and the moon above.  Oh yeah, what a wonderful sight.  It's a wonderful evening.  The perfect conclusion to a perfect day.  But right now, I'm tired.  I'm needing some sleep.  I'm going to get some sleep.  Not to worry though.  I'll see you all in the morning.
And as I'm lost in thought before getting some much needed rest at night, here are some photos of Heidi Klum.

 Heidi Klum and Anne Vyalitsyna aka Anne V

 Sir Elton John and Heidi Klum

 Heidi Klum and Melanie Brown or Mel B

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