Wednesday, November 4, 2015


There is still plenty of light in the afternoon, but that won't last forever.  The sunset is only a few hours from now.  And beyond the sunset is the night.  So the Gentle Reader puts the finishing touches on this Afternoons chores and activities.  Put such tasks to a conclusion and get ready for Dinner.  And beyond Dinner is the night.  Oh what fun there will be enjoyed when it's night.  The mind races at the possibilities.  And yes, I'm filled with excitement at the thought of it all.  And what entertainment the sunset will bring to signal it all.  Yeah, the sunset is much shorter and the night is much longer.  However, I can't imagine a better way to announce the arrival of night than the sunset.  Blessed sunset.  Oh how I yearn for the comfort that the sunset brings.
And as I'm lost in thought as afternoon slowly drifts towards the evening, here are some photos of Anne Vyalitsyna aka Anne V.

 Anne V and Alex Pettyfer
Anne V and Lydia Hearst

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