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She was a fourth generation Hollywood royalty with an impressive family history when Lydia Hearst was born under the name Lydia Marie Hearst-Shaw in Wilton, Connecticut on September 19, 1984.  Her Great Grandfather was a Liberal Democratic Party politician, newspaper publisher, businessman and owner of the largest newspaper chain in corporate history named William Randolph Hearst aka Citizen Kane (The legendary Orson Welles movie Citzen Kane was an unofficial film biography of the legendary businessman (Film character names were changed to prevent a lawsuit from the Hearst Corporation)).  Hearst Corporation Chairman (He never got to be CEO of the corporation) Randolph Apperson Hearst was her grandfather.  Patricia "Patty" Hearst aka Tania was famously kidnapped by a leftist terrorist militia the United Federated Forces of the Symbionese Liberation Army aka Symbionese Liberation Army from her apartment she shared with her fianc√© Steven Weed located in Berkeley, California, suffered the Stockholm Syndrome, became a member of the Symbionese Liberation Army, robbed a bank with the Symbionese Liberation Army, rescued and arrested in 1975, sentence to thirty-five years in prison for terrorism and bank robbery on March 20, 1976 and pardoned by former President Bill Clinton on January 20, 2001 before becoming an actress only on movies directed by John Waters (Patty Hearst acted in five of them).  Lydia Hearst was one of two children that Patty Hearst had with Bernard Shaw while in prison is a blogger, fashion model and an actress.  Lydia Hearst acted in ten films, six short films and three television shows.  Lydia continues her career as a blogger, fashion model and an actress at this exact moment of time.
Lydia Hearst and Jillian Murray

Lydia Hearst

 Lydia Hearst and film director John Waters
 Patricia "Patty" Hearst and her daughter Lydia Hearst

Jillian Murray and Lydia Hearst
 Lydia Hearst and Jillian Murray

Leven Rambin and Lydia Hearst

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