Thursday, November 26, 2015


Poor Ethan (Matthew Knight) and Benny (Atticus Mitchell).  They are Freshmen in High School, but their parents who are often going out at night won't leave them unsupervised at night.  So Ethan and Benny are given a babysitter to look after them when their parents are out at night.  Sarah (Vanessa Morgan) is a vampire who is also their classmate as well as their babysitter.  And yes, they get teased because their same age classmate also doubles as their babysitter.  What their classmates don't know is that Ethan and Benny are warlocks who fight crime alongside their vampire babysitter Sarah.  And among their cases is Bindi Irwin as a foreign exchange student from Australia named Sundy Clovers.  Bindi Irwin as Sundy Clovers is evil.  And Ethan and Benny knows Bindi is evil because she loves to look at herself in the mirror.  It's not an ordinary mirror.  It's an evil mirror that makes Bindi Irwin do evil things---Like cut sandbags above the stage so it hurts other actors as well as singers without cool club status so that only Bindi Irwin and her popular friends can monopolize the stage.  Thankfully, Ethan and Benny used their magic spells to turn the tables.  The sandbags fall upon Bindi Irwin instead and broke her legs.  Now evil Bindi can't monopolize the stage which allows Ethan, Benny and their same age babysitter Sarah to monopolize the stage instead.  Take that evil Bindi.  It's hard to cause damage with your legs broken.  Yeah, Bindi Irwin can sue Ethan and Benny for damages resulting from the pair of them breaking her legs like that.  But we'll save that struggle for another day.  Let's spend today celebrating the day Ethan, Benny and their same age babysitter Sarah defeated evil Bindi Irwin.

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