Friday, February 19, 2016


A single solitary person doesn't qualify as a team.  A single solitary person only qualifies as a single solitary person.  And you don't start off a team by saying the word goodbye.  You can only start off a team by saying the word hello.  Because a team that starts off with the final chapter and then rolls the final credits on the first and only day of the group's operation kind of misses the point.  A team that starts with the opening chapter to begin a story that never ever ends is a team that truly understands what needs to be done.  There is no letter I in the word team.  It's a mistake to start thinking in such a manner.  Because the moment somebody starts believing that the letter I is in the word team has succeeded in destroying the team for all time.
And as I'm lost in thought during the freezing cold days of Winter, here are some photos of Anna Chlumsky.

 Joe Dipietro, Blake Hammond, Jerry O'Connell, Renee Fleming, Douglas Sills, Anna Chlumsky, Scott Robertson and Kathleen Marshall
 Blake Hammond, Jerry O'Connell, Renee Fleming, Douglas Sills, Anna Chlumsky and Scott Robertson
 Anna Chlumsky, Douglas Sills, Renee Fleming and Jerry O'Connell

 Anna Chlumsky and Jerry O'Connell

 Anna Chlumsky

It was on January 20, 2015 that Anna Chlumsky, Byron Jennings, Julie Halston, Nick Corley, Fran Kranz, and Reg Rogers of the Broadway play You Can't Take it With You volunteered at the God's Love We Deliver Shelter for the Homeless.

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