Friday, February 12, 2016


After two months of roughly Autumn-like weather, Winter has finally come to Columbus, Ohio.  It's freezing outside.  It's best to stay indoors whenever possible.  Though it would be fun to build snow people, snow forts, having snowball fights and sledding down a hill.  And then reenter the house for a steaming mug of hot coco to warm up.  Because the Gentle Reader and I was chilled to the bone after being outside for an extensive period of time.  Of course, it's always good to look at the Winter landscape from indoors where it's safe and warm.  I'll think over the options as I prepare myself some lunch of yogurt and cranberry juice.
And as I'm lost in thought on a freezing cold Winter day, here are some photos of Michelle Ryan.

 Sean Bean, Hadi Hajaig, Michelle Ryan and Abhin Galeya
 Sean Bean, Michelle Ryan and Abhin Galeya

 Sean Bean and Michelle Ryan

Michelle Ryan

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