Tuesday, June 14, 2016


It isn't known why  Kevin James Loibl shot Christina Grimmie while she was signing autographs outside of The Plaza Live Theater on June 10, 2016.  Did Kevin James Loibl carry guns everywhere he went and he shot Christina Grimmie entirely as a spontaneous act?  Did Keven James Loibl only carried a gun to the Christina Grimmie concert with the intentional act of shooting her three times.  Whatever the motivation, all bags was checked, but the concert attendees was never frisked nor were there metal detectors.  And after Christina Grimmie performed her show, Kevin James Loibl was there to greet her.  His hands may have trembled as he pulled out the gun.  His hands may have been calm as he pulled out a gun.  He shot her once.  When she didn't fall, he shot her again.  When she didn't fall, he shot her a third time.  Christina Grimmie fell the third time she was shot.  So he ran, but he didn't run far.  Marcus Grimmie tackled him and that wasn't in the script Kevin James Loibl had in his mind.  Kevin James Loibl probably intended to get away with it and now he's facing prison.  Not wanting to go to prison because he had the courage to shoot somebody, but he lacked the courage to face prison for it, he did what he thought was the only way out.  Kevin James Loibl shot himself in the head and died instantly.  Christina Grimmie died in the hospital a few hours later when night was replaced by daytime.  June 11, 2016 was the date of her death as daylight streamed through the windows of her hospital room.  Christina Grimmie was twenty-two years old on the day she died.  She never lived to see her twenty-third birthday.

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