Saturday, June 4, 2016


And after a hard and rewarding day of minimum wage labor, it's time again to cook dinner.  The outdoor grill is still broken.  Someday, a way will be made to fix it.  But until then, the stove inside the house still works.  So indoor cooking will be done instead of outdoor cooking.  Food still taste good without the outdoor grill.  But before I start cooking, I need to check on my e-mails and assorted other stuff while surfing the Internet.  And once that is done, then it's time to start cooking dinner.  It's always good to enjoy a nice filling meal.  I can either eat my dinner inside the house or on the outdoor porch.  Either way will be fine with me.  Eating dinner is fun and should be done often.
And as I'm lost in thought shortly before cooking dinner, here are some photos of Kate Bosworth.

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