Thursday, June 22, 2017


Man With the Plan:  I've been invited to perform on the Gong Show.
Me:  Are you sure you want to follow through with it?
Man With the Plan:  I get to perform on television.
Me:  But those who perform on the Gong Show are idiots who look like idiots and act like idiots.  But considering that you are an idiot, you'll fit right in.  But are you sure you want to expose yourself as an idiot on television?
Man With the Plan:  Of course I need to be on the Gong Show.  I get to be on television.  That alone is enough.
Me:  I guess if that's your plan for success, then go for it.
Man With the Plan:  My performance on the Gong Show will be the first step to becoming famous.
Me:  I don't get it, but whatever floats your boat.
Man With the Plan:  I love boats.  Boats are fun.  Boats float on water.
Me:  Once again, I'm going to stand right over there.
I walk away from the Man With the Plan towards the opposite side of the room.
And as I'm lost in thought during the scorching hot days of Summer, here are some photos of Anna Ewers.

 Binx Walton and Anna Ewers
 Anna Ewers

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