Wednesday, June 21, 2017


The Internet connection briefly crashed, but I was able to restore the Internet connection.  So now things is good again.  Of course, there's more to life than the Internet.  There's also lots more to do beyond the Internet---Especially in the Summer.  The Internet is a tool to improve life---Not a replacement for living life.  It's easy to forget that when I attended junior high and high school in the 1980's, there wasn't the Internet, smart phones or anything of the sort.  Yeah, there were typewriters, but it's nothing like laptop computers.  It's easy to get spoiled by laptop computers.  It's great not to have to use whiteout to remove typos anymore.
And as I'm lost in thought on the first day of Sumer, here are some photos of Julianne Moore.

 Fashion designer and film director Tom Ford and Julianne Moore

 Julianne Moore and director Jon Favreau
 Julianne Moore

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