Thursday, June 22, 2017


Man With the Plan:  I got cupped.
Me:  I don't understand what you're talking about.
Man With the Plan:  I had scalding hot glass cups placed all over my body.  It's an ancient technique dating back centuries by a bunch of Wise Mystics From Long Ago.  It's done to help me relax.
Me:  And it helped you relax?
Man With the Plan:  I'm not feeling relaxed.  I got third degree burn marks shaped like glass cups all over my body.  One glass cup broke and now I have scorching hot glass fragment imbedded into third degree burnt flesh.  I might need surgery and third degree burn treatment therapy.  And with Trump Care about to be unleashed to benefit only the wealthy and screwing the poor, I'll be in financial debt to the hospital for decades.  Plus the Wise Mystics left town with my money with no forwarding address.  I think one of the Wise Mystics called me a brainless chump.
Me:  Sorry to hear that.
Man With the Plan:  Are you kidding me?  It was the best week of my life.
Me:  Um right.  I'll just stand over there instead. 
And as I'm lost in thought on the second day of Summer, here are some photos of Gemma Arterton.

 Bill Nighy and Gemma Arterton

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