Thursday, June 8, 2017


I shouldn't forget the gardening responsibilities.  The bushes need some trimming and the bushes won't trim themselves.  I only hope I got the bushes trimmed to an acceptable height.  And if I didn't get the bushes trimmed to an acceptable height, then I'll do some correcting.  Cleaning and gardening is a continuous never ending process.  It's the constant art of turning chaos back into order.  Just when you think the lawn is perfect again, dandelion weeds start to grow.  And then gardening tools is needed to yank out the dandelion weeds out of the ground roots and all.  There isn't much dandelion weeds---Not yet at any rate.  However, the bushes need trimming.  Sharp gardening sheers is needed for the bush trimming.  And when it's done, a tall cool glass of lemonade hits the spot.
And as I'm lost in thought after doing some gardening, here are some photos of Emilia Clarke.

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