Wednesday, June 21, 2017


So I guess this is the first day of Summer.  Though it has been feeling like Summer, the season really doesn't get started until the Summer Solstice.  The Summer Solstice does qualify as an eventful event.  Though the Summer Solstice has special significance if you're a believer of Wicca since there are specific religious rituals related to the celebration of the Summer Solstice.  But it's perfectly alright to simply celebrate the Summer Solstice with a picnic, a slow walk through the forest followed by a game of Frisbee.  Ah yes, good times.  Good times indeed.  Those are the moments that the Summer season is meant for.
And as I'm lost in thought on the first official day of Summer, here are some photos of Hispanic-American actress and musician Jennifer Lopez on the set of her police procedural television series Shades of Blue.

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