Friday, June 16, 2017


There's no use in being bitter.  Life is much too short for that.  Just do what you can and make peace with what can't be helped.  Yeah, it's easier to cling to your anger and bitterness, but at what extent will that result in?  Your anger and bitterness makes the target of your anger bitter and vengeful.  And that results in you feeling even more angry and bitter.  And the result makes the target of the anger even more bitter and vengeful.  And then what happens?  A lot of destructiveness and a ruined neighborhood.  It's so much better to release your fear which results in anger and bitterness.  When you release your fear, your life as well as the neighborhood you reside in improves.  And everybody enjoys a vastly better life because of it.  And isn't that a better outcome for us all?
And as I'm lost in thought while it's hot outside, here are some photos of Wylie Hays.

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