Sunday, June 4, 2017


So I guess it must've rained.  I couldn't tell because I was indoors and it was dark.  There were no thunder nor any lightening, but there were raindrops on the window.  And the sight of raindrops could only have meant that rain has fallen.  So I guess it must've rained.  That's cool.  Rain is good.  Rain prevents a drought from happening.  Rain replenishes rivers and lakes.  So I welcome the rain.  Though from the look of things, the falling rain must've been brief.  Still, a brief rain is better than no rain.  Plus since it's dark and I'm exhausted, I wasn't planning to step outside anyway.  Still, I enjoy the rain and perhaps it will rain again later this evening.  Rain as often as possible.  Let the rain fall.  Ah yes, it's going to be a very fun evening.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's raining outside, here are some photos of Isabella Khair Hadid aka Bella Hadid.

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