Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Ruthie Collins was born in Fredonia, New York in 1984.  She spent her entire childhood in that town.  A thirteen acre grape farm had been past down from generation to generation in her family for the past two hundred years and that was her home while she was growing up.  In a family of six, she was the youngest of four daughters with no sons.  At the urging and mentorship of her mother, she educated to play the violin, piano, singing and later educated to play the guitar starting at age three.  After graduating high school, she attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts.  However, she dropped out a full semester before she was due to graduate.  After relocating to Nashville, Tennessee, she formed a duet country music group.   Ruth Collins and Victoria Gibson a.k.a. Wild Honey competed in the reality television talent show game show series on CMT in the first season out of two seasons maximum (The show is now canceled) entitled Can You Duet.  The 2008 season of Can You Duet had Wild Honey making it to sixth place out of eight duet performers.  Wild Honey broke up soon afterwards without recording an album.  Ruthie Collins released her debut EP album on December 16, 2014.  Ruthie Collins continues to record music and tour to support her music at this exact moment of time.

 Ruthie Collins, Natalie Stovall, Lindsay Ell and Nikita Karmen
 Ruthie Collins

 Wes Harlee, Ruthie Collins and Vickie Vaugh
Vickie Vaugh and Wes Harlee in Columbus, Ohio

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