Friday, August 11, 2017


There is one benefit to having rain falling in Columbus, Ohio.  That one benefit is that there is no chance for the type of mudslides that happen in California when they experience the falling rain.  Mud slides is difficult to clean up and only happen in drought conditions where wildfires burn away the dry and dead vegetation which has been holding in all the dirt.  Thus creating mud that slides around.  I don't know how long California has been experiencing a drought, but there is no drought going on in Columbus, Ohio.  There is plenty of rain falling from the sky.  There is plenty of chances to use an umbrella and to wear a rain coat.  So let the rain fall.  Let the streets and the sidewalks of suburbia get soaked by the falling rain.  It's better to have the rain fall then it is to experience a drought.  And let's hope that all the drought stricken areas get enough rain to allow vegetation to grow back normally.
And as I'm lost in thought as rain falls from the sky in the Summer evening, here are some photos of Anna Lund.

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