Thursday, August 21, 2014


Can you hear it?  It's the sound of thunder.  Rain is coming.  Rain is almost here.  Rain hasn't arrived yet, but it's about here.  Are you ready for rain to fall.  The rain is going to fall regardless of the state of preparation of the Gentle Reader.  Rain isn't concerned is the Gentle Reader is stuck outside.  The rain doesn't care if the Gentle Reader is stuck outside with shelter nowhere to be found.  So if the Gentle Reader is inside, then it's better to be inside.  If the Gentle Reader is outside, then quickly run to find shelter before the rain falls.  Run.  Run.  Run.  The rain hasn't fallen yet so there's still a chance for the Gentle Reader to run as fast as possible to seek shelter.  Run.  Damn it, run.  Oops.  Too late.  The rain is falling and the Gentle Reader is stuck outside soaking wet.  Gosh darn the luck.
And as I'm lost in thought as rain falls from the heavens, here are some photos of Rose McGowan.


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