Tuesday, August 19, 2014


The sky is the color of blue with some patches of clouds.  It's calm in Columbus, Ohio.  The neighborhood that I'm is so quiet and calm, that you can here a pin drop.  And I can walk down the street and not encounter any incidents.  It's nice to be in a community that is peaceful and calm.  There isn't nearly as much stress about where or when chaos will erupt.  Living in a community that isn't dissolving into chaos is the place that everybody should aspire to be living in.  Walking into a community that's peaceful and calm and turn it into chaos because you're on a mission of Godly revenge or something is pointless.  In the end, the only way humanity could function would be if all forms of chaos has to return back into order.  The return back to civilized calm must always be on the agenda sooner or later.
And as I'm lost in thought while surfing the Internet, here are some photos of Brea Grant.

 Matthew McKelligon, Brea Grant, Kit Williamson, John Halbach and Constance Wu

 Brea Grant, Matthew McKelligon, Kit Williamson, John Halbach and Constance Wu
 Constance Wu

 Randall Park, Constance Wu and ABC Entertainment Group president Paul Lee
 Randall Park and Constance Wu

Constance Wu

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