Sunday, August 31, 2014


Nicole Richie was born under the name of Nicole Camille Escovedo in Berkeley, California on September 21, 1981.  She was born a mixture of several ethnicities consisting of Afro-Mexican, Creole, and Spanish ancestry as a member of the Escovedo Family.  Sheila Escovedo aka Sheila E (A former protégé of Prince Rogers Nelson aka Prince) is her Aunt.  Peter Michael Escovedo is her Father and a former member of Lionel Richie's backup band.  Karen Escovedo is her biologic Mother and an Executive assistant to Sheila E.  Though Nicole Richie has denied that Michael Escovedo and Karen Escovedo were her parents and insisted that Lionel Richie was her actual birth Father the whole entire time (Instead of moving in with him at the age of three with Lionel Richie first as a legal guardian and then Adopted Father).  Whatever the reason, Nicole Richie is a celebrity who is famous for being famous mostly limits her fame to reality television documentary shows.  The reality television documentary show The Simple Life continues to be her biggest claim to fame.


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