Thursday, August 21, 2014


It's not raining right now.  Well, it was raining complete with thunder and lightening.  Then the raining slowed down.  Then the raining stopped.  The raining continued.  Then raining stopped. It appears as if the raining has continued again.  So I guess the Gentle Reader will be able to continue that it has been raining for the entire day.  Rain is good.  Rain is wonderful.  Rain is fantastic.  Rain is amazing for ducks, fish and outdoor plants.  Blue skies and dry weather is nice.  But it's non-stop raining weather like today that keeps the outdoor plants irrigated.  It's non-stop raining weather like today that keeps all the oceans, lakes, rivers and streams at normal levels.  So bring out your umbrella and your rain coat Gentle Reader.  Because all day rain storms such as today is an amazing chance to celebrate the falling rain.
And as I'm lost in thought while being drenched by the falling rain, here are some photos of double amputee snow boarder and Bronze medal winner of the 2014 Para-Olympic Games in Soche, Russia and Gold medal winner of the 2011 New Zealand Winter Games Amy Purdy.

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