Sunday, August 24, 2014


Morning has gone away and now it's the middle of the day.  Or rather, it's close to the middle of the day.  At any rate, this is around the time that I should start thinking about lunch, but find myself looking outside of the window, with the fan spinning while typing out this sentence instead.  I'm sure I'll find the energy to stand up and start preparing myself some lunch---Eventually.  The scenery outside the window is so peaceful.  It's the type of scenery you could look at for hours and start feeling at peace with yourself.  All the problems of the world just melts away while looking out of the window at the world beyond the window glass.  And it feels so good to see daylight streaming through the window.  Ah yes, life is wonderful.  I'm at peace with myself and I'm at peace with the forces of nature.  And that's the most important thing of them all.
And as I'm filled with joy as Afternoon returns to grace our lives once again, here are some photos of Cara Delevingne.

 Cara Delevingne and Zoe Kravitz (The daughter of an Ashkenazi Jewish, (his mother Roxie Roker (played Helen Willis Douglass on the mostly all African-American (with one token Caucasian) sitcom classic the Jeffersons (Itself a spinoff of the controversial sitcom All in the Family) was African-American and Afro-Bahamian and his father Sy Kravitz produced the evening news for NBC was Russian/Ukranian-Caucasian) named Lenny Kravitz (rock star and actor in the Hunger Games series) and an African-American, Ashkenazi Jewish named Lisa Bonet (The Cosby Show and only the first season of it's spinoff series A Different World).

 Zoe Kravitz and Cara Delevingne

 Zoe Kravitz

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