Friday, March 6, 2015


All the efforts the falling rain on March 3 to melt the snow was reversed by the falling snow on March 4.  And Winter continued with all the melted snow covered by fresh snow reversing all that the rain tried to accomplish on March 3.  Now it's March 6 and the snow is starting to melt away again.  Only this time, the melting of the Winter snow isn't accomplished by the falling rain, but a slight rising of the outside temperature.  Yeah, it's still freezing outside.  But it's warm enough to melt snow while cold enough to cause frostbite without a coat and gloves.  So continues what turns out to be a mild Winter season in Columbus, Ohio.  Fourteen more days until Spring.  Until then, enjoy the Winter snow while the Winter snow is still on the ground because Spring season is coming.
And as I'm lost in thought as Winter slowly gives way to Spring, here are some photos of Lily Collins.


 Jill Tavelman (Phil Collins' (Drummer and Lead Singer #2 for the rock band Genesis) ex-wife #2 (He has three ex-wives and is currently single)) and her daughter Lily Collins. 

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