Monday, March 2, 2015


It's hard to tend to a garden in the Winter.  The weather is much too cold.  And in most cases, in certain regions, there will be snow and possibly even ice on the ground.  It's futile to attempt to water the garden in the winter.  The water will turn to ice making a possibly ice landscape even icier than before.  It's hopeless to put fertilizer into the garden in the Winter.  I know what you're thinking Gentle Reader.  What about an indoor garden.  Yeah, an indoor garden is possible.  You can water an indoor garden.  You can put fertilizer into the indoor garden.  But the outdoor garden will have to wait a tiny bit longer until the weather starts to warm up.
And as I'm lost in thought about gardens and gardening, here are some photos of Margot Robbie.

 Margot Robbie and Jason Wu

 Margot Robbie, Jason Wu and Kate Bosworth

Jason Wu and Kate Bosworth

Michael Polish and Kate Bosworth

 Kate Bosworth

 Kate Bosworth, Jason Wu, Nicola Peltz and Joshua Jackson

 Nicola Peltz

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