Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Colbie Caillat was born in Malibu, California on May 28, 1985.  Growing up in Newberry Park, California, Colbie grew up in a musical family where her father earned a living producing rock albums.  Among Colbie's father Ken Caillat's rock album production and engineer credits was the Fleetwood Mac albums Rumours and Tusk as well as all of his daughters albums except for her latest album release.  Though educated in music at a young age, she never took music lessons seriously until at the age of eleven she found inspiration to dedicate her life to music after watching the film Sister Act 2 in general and Lauren Hill's performance in that film in particular.  She became so talented in music that she started performing while in sixth grade in school which lead to techno song singing at fashion shows before entering Junior High.  It was at age nineteen that she started to play the guitar while performing.  Failing to land American Idol auditions twice failed to discourage Colbie as she continued to aspire for a career as a rock star.  Her debut album was released in 2007.  Her second album was released in 2009.  Her third album was released in 2011.  An album full of Christmas song standards was released in 2012 before releasing her latest album in 2014.  Colbie Caillat continues to record and perform at this exact moment of time.              


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