Saturday, March 14, 2015


I didn't think that the rain was going to fall yesterday.  But the rain did start to fall.  I'm not sure when the rain started to fall because I stopped looking out of the window after a certain point of time.  Anyway, it started falling sometime yesterday afternoon and it never stopped falling.  Even now, there are still raindrops falling from the skies.  And the grass will need plenty of water after a mild Winter that was still very cold outside.  And though it's still cold outside, it's feeling much warmer outside than it's been for quite a while.  So let it rain.  I enjoy watching the rain drops fall.  Spring showers never did hurt anybody.  Um, er, um, is it safe to call it Spring?
And as I'm lost in thought as rain continues to fall from the skies, here are some photos of Billie Piper.

 Billie Piper and her spouse Lawrence Fox

 Billie Piper

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