Saturday, March 21, 2015


So what happens when Springtime finally arrives, but it's not getting warm enough.  One solution is to go somewhere that's already warm to start with such as Florida, California or the Caribbean.  Of course, such a journey requires plenty of time and plenty of cash.  There is airplane flights getting there (Though Amtrack or Greyhound is also a good way to travel), hotel, transportation and dinning out since most hotel rooms don't come complete with a kitchen.  And for those who can't afford to enjoy the first week of Spring in either Florida, California or the Caribbean, well, the weather will get warmer roughly three months from now when Summer gets closer.  But still, how many people can truly wait that long?
Gigi Hadid and Rachel Hilbert
 Gigi Hadid and Cody Simpson
 Evan Ross and Ashlee Simpson
 Dakota Johnson
 Kate Hudson
 Giselle Bundchen
 Elle Macpherson
 Uma Thurman
Zoe Kravitz
 Unknown lady and Zoe Kravitz
 Donald Trump's daughter Tiffany Trump

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