Sunday, March 13, 2016


If somebody doesn't understand something, it's normally expected to clarify what exactly you are talking about.  You don't say, "Well, this person has no idea what I'm talking about so I refuse to clarify what I'm talking about.  I'll just stick to the much more confusing instructions and keep repeating the same mistake over and over again."  And by clarifying instructions that is difficult to understand and replacing them with instructions that is easy to understand, there is no more confusion.  And by doing so, what needs to be done is done.  Unless what you desire the Other Person to do is illegal and the Other Person refuses to do anything illegal.  But then you tell the Other Person that if he/she doesn't do the illegal act, then a prophesy won't be fulfilled.  Then the Other Person tells you that the prophesy isn't valid if it can only be done with an illegal crime as a starting point.  But then you tell the Other Person is that an illegal crime is the only way to start the prophesy and you won't back off from your stance.  This is around the time that you are arrested because there is something seriously wrong with you.  Let me explain.
1.  If somebody is confused, explain in an easier to understand manner.
2.  Valid prophesies doesn't start with an illegal crime.  Invalid prophesies start with an illegal crime.
3.  Valid prophesies start with ethical behavior that will improve the world around us by promoting humanity, friendship, the end of disease, the end of violence, the end of war, the end of racism, the end of bigotry, the end of war and everybody banding together in united fellowship.
And as I'm lost in thought while it's late at night, here are some photos of Jaimie Alexander.

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