Sunday, March 6, 2016


Anger without direction and purpose is not to the benefit of the community.  A person who inspires anger without direction and purpose is a person who injures the community.  Anger is useless when it comes to creating and maintaining a community.  Anger only knows how to destroy and obliterate.  Anger doesn't create friendships and builds bonds within the community.  Anger only destroys friendships as it seeks a scapegoat to blame all of their own problems on.  Anger never accepts responsibility for any crimes or misdeeds because it's always the scapegoat's fault that such crimes and misdeeds has ever been done in the first place.  For that reason alone, anger has no place in the day to day existence of the human race.  Therefore, the only path towards positive psychological growth is the let go of your anger and learn to accept those who isn't of your own kind
And as I'm lost in thought near the end of Winter, here are some photos of Alison Pill.

 Alison Pill and Joshua Leonard
Allison Pill

 Alison Pill and Joshua Leonard

 Alison Pill

 Executive producer David Hoberman, Liam James, Zach Gilford, Alison Pill, Rupert Graves, executive producer Jenna Bans, Andrew McCarthy, Margot Bingham, Floriana Lima and executive producer Laurie Zaks

Executive producer David Hoberman, Liam James, Zach Gilford, Alison Pill and Rupert Graves
Alison Pill, Rupert Graves and executive producer Jenna Bans

Alison Pill and Rupert Graves

 Alison Pill

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