Sunday, February 11, 2018


Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin have duel citizenship in both South Korea and in the United States of America.  Yura Min was Asian who was born in Torrance, California to a pair of South Koreans and Alexander Gamelin is her third figure skating partner.  Alexander Gamelin and his fraternal twin sister Danielle Gamelin were both Caucasians born in Boston, Massachusetts.  Alexander Gamelin originally ice skated with his fraternal twin sister Danielle Gamelin until she retired from ice skating before he was ready to retire from ice skating.  And despite living in the United States and because Yura Min has duel citizenship in both the United States of America and South Korea, Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin is representing the nation of South Korea.  They both marched in the Opening Ceremony under the Unified Korean flag.  The following event occurred at the the Gangneung Ice Arena at 2018 Pyeongchang, South Korean Winter Olympics. 
The ice dance short dance team event proved to be very eventful for Yura Min and Alexander Gamelin during an otherwise flawless ice dancing routine.  You see, the clasp that held together the top portion of Yura Min's ice skating dress came undone while she was halfway performing her routine.  And if she brought her arms together, the entire top portion of her dress would come off causing her to be half naked on world wide television.  Naturally, she didn't bring her arms together as she struggled to ice dance with the clasp holding the top portion of her dress continued to be undone for almost the entire routine with no time available for clothing adjustment.  And because of that, South Korea lost a few points for the ice dance short dance team event.  But it was either that or Yura Min's half nudity on prime time television so there was really no option available.

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