Sunday, February 4, 2018


It's hard to predict the weather.  One moment, it's snowing and it looks as if the snow will last for the rest of the Winter.  Then the snow melts and it looks like an early Spring.  Then the snow falls only to melt a few days later.  Wait a few days and the snow falls yet again.  It's been on this repeating cycle off and on for the entire Winter.  The one reassurance in all of this is that there is no fear of global warming coming to strike us all down.  There is still hope for us all.  As long as snow falls to the ground, there is still a chance to reverse global warming before it's too late.  And that makes snow such a truly blessed event for the Winter.
And as I'm lost in thought in the Winter, here are some photos of the following individuals.
Amy Adams

 Ashley Benson

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