Wednesday, March 14, 2018


I'll be honest with you Gentle Reader, I've been having a lot of fun writing these Internet blogs.  I've been having so much fun that I completely lost all track of time.  It's hard to believe that an hour or so have already flown right past.  Perhaps I've been surfing the Internet far too much.  It's always a good idea to unplug from the Internet to take a look at the world beyond cyberspace.  Not to worry though.  The Internet will still be here when I get back from the world beyond cyberspace.  The Internet is a fun place with lots of fun Internet websites to visit.  And in the end of the day, the time I spent was time well spent.  Thank GOD for the invention of the Internet.
And as I'm lost in thought while remembering that Spring is coming, here are some photos of the following individuals.
Alicia Vikander


Lily Aldridge

Raisa Raudas

 Sara Blomqvist

 Ziyi Zhang

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