Tuesday, March 13, 2018


Perhaps I'll stay home and watch a film on digital video disk.  Perhaps I'll get out of the house and explore the area.  I got time to make up my mind what I should do this evening.  Right now, I'm writing this Internet blog as I slowly come to a decision.  And when the decision is made, I'll try to figure out a way to make the decision a reality.  Perhaps further thought is needed.  We'll see.  And if I watch a film on digital video disk, which digital video disk should I watch.  I got plenty of digital video disks to choose from.  I'm not normally so indecisive.  Perhaps another hour of decision making will be needed.
And as I'm lost in thought as I remember that Spring is coming, here are some photos of the following individuals.
Amy Adams and Matthew McConaughey
 Casey Affleck and Emma Stone
 Mahershala Ali and Nicole Kidman
 Michelle Williams and Joel Edgerton
 Ruth Negga and Natalie Portman
 Viggo Mortensen and Adam Driver
 Adam Driver
 Alden Ehrenreich
 Amy Adams
 Andrew Garfield
 Annette Bening

 Anya Taylor-Joy
 Casey Affleck
 Chris Pine

 Dakota Fanning
 Dev Patel
 Emma Stone
 Felicity Jones
 Greta Gerwig
 Hailee Steinfeld

 Jeff Bridges
 Joel Edgerton
 Lucas Hedges
 Mahershala Ali
 Marion Cotillard
 Matthew McConaughey
 Michael Shannon
 Michelle Williams
 Naomie Harris
 Natalie Portman
 Nicole Kidman
 Ruth Negga
 Taraji P. Henson
 Viggo Mortensen
 Warren Beatty

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