Saturday, August 8, 2015


Miranda Lambert was still heartbroken about the collapse of her marriage to Blake Shelton.  Hard as she might try, the divorce was still a difficult thing for her to recover from.  She tried everything at her disposal to help herself recover from the heartbreak that comes with a failed marriage.  Nothing worked.  And all she could do in the end is constant crying.
 So she spent some time volunteering at an animal shelter to look after some dogs located at the facility.  She has a few dogs at her home so helping out with animals came naturally for her.
 Sarah Winslow was more than willing to lend a helping hand.  Miranda Lambert was more than thankful for Sarah Winslow's assistance.
 Later that evening, Clare Dunn, Courtney Cole, Racheal Lynn Woodward aka RaeLynn, Miranda Lambert, Jessi Alexander, Wruckestrike and Karen Fairchild enjoyed a girls night out.  All seven ladies enjoyed themselves.  Yeah, Miranda was still heartbroken, but some spending some time with a few of her girlfriends was helping a great deal.
 Gwen Sebastian showed up late for the girls night out party with Miranda Lambert, but her presence was still appreciated.
 Miranda Lambert and Racheal Lynn Woodward aka RaeLynn enjoyed a much needed steaming hot mug of coffee.
 And of course, Miranda Lambert's night out with her girlfriends is never complete without Shania Twain.  Ah yes, Miranda was more than happy to hang out with Shania.
And in the end, it was a perfect evening to help Miranda Lambert recover from the heartbreak of divorce.  And she was confident that she'll recover from the pain of heartbreak given time.

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