Wednesday, August 12, 2015


Svetlana Boginskaya never talks about her age nor does she talk about her birthdate.  However, having been born on February 9, 1973 in Minsk, Soviet Union (Now called the Russian Federation).  She first represented the Soviet Union in the 1988 Summer Olympic Games in Soul, South Korea; then the Unified Team (After the Soviet Union collapsed and the Russian Federation hasn't yet been created) in the 1992 Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, Spain and finally the nation of Belarus (Formally part of the Soviet Union, but now an independent country in the 1996 Summer Olympic Games in Athens, Greece.  Svetlana Boginskaya never apologized about being born behind the Iron Curtain.  In fact, she's rather proud of her national heritage.  She retired from Women's Gymnastics in 1992 and a second time in 1996.  When Svetlana Boginskaya's career in Women's Gymnastics ended, she married and gave birth to two children.  She left her beloved Iron Curtain country of Russia and Belarus behind to live in Houston, Texas instead.  She teaches gymnastics at a Texas located Summer school, runs a gymnastics apparel business that's sold only online as well as CEO of two businesses.  It took a while for a girl who was born and raised behind the Iron Curtain to embrace Capitalism, but she's starting to enjoy it.


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