Sunday, August 2, 2015


We all thought those two crazy kids were actually going to survive the test of time.  Blake Shelton married his first wife Kaynette Gern on November 17, 2003 and divorced her three years later on the year 2006.  Blake Shelton also started dating Miranda Lambert on the year 2006, got down on one knee to propose to her on May 9, 2010 and married her on May 14, 2011.  Four years later, it was announced that Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert were getting a divorce on July 20, 2015.
 So naturally, Miranda Lambert was heartbroken.  We don't know the full story about what happened?  Was it his fault?  Was it her fault?  Was it excessive spending?  Was it adultery?  Was it a lack of maturity?  Nobody knows.  One moment, these two lovebirds were enjoying one of the most perfect marriages in Hollywood.  The next thing, they confessed that tabloid rumors that they were arguing excessively were genuine and they are now splitting up.  So now that she has been reduced from being Blake Shelton's lawfully wedded wife to his ex-girlfriend, Miranda Lambert is crying as her heart was shattered in several pieces.  Yet, she still needs to take to the stage to perform a rock concert show.  Because regardless of how broken her heart is, the show must go on.

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