Friday, August 7, 2015


This wasn't the first time Jennifer Aniston married.  She previously married Brad Pitt on July 29, 2000.  However, true love wasn't to be.  The pair separated five years later on January 7, 2005 and divorced on October 2, 2005. 

And after a string of failed romances (And unsubstantiated tabloid rumors of an unhealthy stalking fixation on Brad Pitt long after the divorce papers were finalized), Jennifer Aniston finally found true love once again.  Jennifer Aniston met director, screenwriter and actor Justin Theroux in 2011 and costarred with him in the film Wanderlust

The year 2012 was also the year that Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux moved into a massive and expensive $22 Million dollar house.  That same year, they were engaged to marry each other on August 10, 2012.  Three years after the engagement announcement, the pair was married on August 5, 2015.  It was five days before his forty-fourth birthday.  Witness the house that Jennifer Aniston shares with Justin Theroux...

 ...Notice that the swimming pool that is normally uncovered...
...Is now covered up for tables, corresponding chairs, a raised stage for music performers and other assorted forms of outdoor seating.  What was promoted as a five days before the actual event birthday celebration for Justine Theroux turned out to be a top secret wedding that few knew about.

Then it was off by limousine...
 ...To the airport.  Jennifer Aniston boarded a private airplane.

 Justine Theroux boarded the same private airplane.

 Personal assistants, bodyguards and assorted other private household servants boarded the private airplane.
Now it's time for the private airplane to fly towards Jennifer Aniston and Justine Theroux's honeymoon to Bora Bora (Part of French Polynesia and a territory of France). 

And sitting in her comfortable private airplane seat, Jennifer Aniston held her new spouse Justine Theroux's hand as Bel Air, Los Angeles, California got smaller and smaller as the private airplane flew higher and higher.  And the French owned Pacific Ocean located island of Bora Bora was only a few hours away.  Ah yes, life is good for Jennifer Aniston.  She's getting everything she ever wanted in life and she never ever needed to apologize for it.

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