Friday, August 28, 2015


It's almost afternoon and one question is situated on my mind---What should I have for lunch.  There's a lot of choices to be had.  Considering the lack of income, I'll be needing to prepare myself something in the kitchen.  But that's ok.  I enjoy cooking in the kitchen.  So I'll be heading to the kitchen to cook myself something to enjoy for lunch, but first I'll finish this blog entry.  This blog entry won't take long.  This is the first and only draft of this blog entry before it's posted.  And when I'm finished with this blog entry, I'll switch off the computer.  Once accomplishing that, then I'll walk downstairs towards the kitchen to prepare myself some lunch.  Yes, that's what I shall do.  Yes, it sounds like a great plan for me to pursue.
And as I'm lost in thought before considering what to have for lunch, here are some photos of Dove Cameron.

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