Thursday, September 4, 2014


One of the benefits to living nearby Rickenbacker Airport located in Columbus, Ohio is the chance to have airplanes fly overhead.  We're talking about huge airplanes that makes a huge sound when flying overhead.  A person tends to get used to the sound.  And the sound of huge airplanes flying overhead only lasts for a few seconds.  Then the peace and quiet of living in the suburbs returns yet again.  And the peace and quiet returns to being so quiet that the sound of a falling pin hitting the ground is heard as clear as day.  And so continues my existence in the suburbs of Columbus, Ohio.  And what happens tomorrow isn't known, but what happens today is the sound of flying airplanes zooming overhead above me in the wonderful city of Columbus, Ohio.
And as I'm lost in thought with airplanes flying overhead, here are some photos of Chelsea Kane.

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