Saturday, September 6, 2014


We only have one hundred years on this Earth to get this right.  Why waste most of the one hundred years nurturing anger and vengeance.  Why waste most of the one hundred years trying to hurt as many innocent people as possible because a sense of pain inside ordered it to be done so?  Hate and vengeance on one side only results in deadlier hate and vengeance on the other side.  And so the hate and vengeance builds as it volleys back and forth until the entire community is torn down into ashes.  Hate, anger and fear are emotions that isn't naturally born into a person.  Hate, anger and fear are educated by outside forces.  It's possible to refuse the education in hate, anger and fear by outside forces.  Let go of the hate, anger and fear and the community will improve.  Be innovative and be the first to accept an apology when an apology is given.
And as I'm lost in thought as the clock moves close to midnight, here are some photos of Diane Kruger.

 Diane Kruger and Joshua Jackson

 Diane Kruger

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