Monday, September 29, 2014


And so the Gentle Reader and myself shall celebrate National Coffee Day with enthusiasm.  No alcohol of any sort will be consumed today.  Today is the day for coffee, cappuccino, espresso, mocha and other forms of coffee.  I'm not sure if Irish Coffee truly qualifies the purpose or if drinking Irish Coffee kind of defeats the purpose.  Still, today is National Coffee Day.  Today is the day to hang out at Starbucks Cappuccino Café to enjoy a cup of coffee.  Have it with cream and sugar.  Have it with cream and no sugar.  Have it with sugar and no cream.  Whatever the case may be, coffee is a much better beverage than alcohol.  No hangovers and no blurry vision.  Coffee is the beverage that doesn't mess you up nor does coffee lead to the ruin of a person's life.  And that makes coffee's superiority above alcohol much greater.     
As I'm lost in thought on a calm, relaxing afternoon, here are some photos of  Emmy Rossum.

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