Friday, September 12, 2014


It doesn't feel like Summer anymore.  It doesn't feel like Winter either.  It's cold enough to wear long pants and a zipper up hooded sweatshirt without any discomfort.  Yeah, it's still possible to wear shorts and short sleeved shirts, but it's much colder today than it was yesterday.  Oh yeah, today feels much more of a standard Autumn day.  And thus continues the month of September and the slow gradual march towards the month of October.  It's September and the year 2014 only has less than four months left before it becomes in the past tense.  And what happens in the year 2015 when the year 2014 becomes locked in our memory as a past event instead of a future occurrence?  The answer to that question is less than four months away regardless of the state of preparation of the Gentle Reader and myself. 
And as I'm lost in thought about being lost in thought, here are some photos of Michelle Williams.

 President and Co- Founder, Cantor Fitzgerald Relief Fund, Edie Lutnick and Michelle Williams

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