Monday, September 15, 2014


It's the start of a new week.  And as Summer slowly drifts into Autumn, the start of a new cycle of weekdays leading towards the weekend continues.  Actually, the weekend for me involves Monday, Thursday and Friday.  Saturday and Sunday are weekdays.  Still, the chance to have the day off from washing dishes on Monday is both fun and relaxing.  I fiddled with the computer.  I watched television.  I read a book.  I read the newspaper.  Day turns into night.  The sun sets and is replaced by both the moon and the stars.  Tomorrow becomes today.  The future slowly makes the slow and gradual process towards becoming past history.  Putting it off until tomorrow never works because tomorrow is only a few hours away.  So much easier to grit the teeth and get it over with.  Who knows, you might end up starting to enjoy it better than you expected.
And as I'm lost in thought late at night, here are some photos of half Caucasian (From her mother's side) and half African-American actress/musician Zendaya Coleman.



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