Thursday, September 18, 2014


Math is hard.  I'm not saying that math should be banned.  I'm saying that it's difficult for me to perform math computations.  Thankfully, there are calculators.  And yeah, I struggle with math.  However, I also realize how important math has a role to play in normal day to day civilization.  And someday, I'll be better in math than I was yesterday.  However, math will always be a challenge.  My brother Mitchel and my sister Dani have always been much better in math than I ever was.  And I never want to rob from my brother Mitchel and my sister Dani the joy of performing math equations.  And I know that my level in math will never be equal to the math talent that my brother Mitchel and my sister Dani has and I'm ok with that.  Creative writing have always been my strength so I'll just focus on that for a while and I'll thank GOD everyday for the invention of the calculator.
And as I'm lost in thought in the late afternoon, here are some photos of MacKenzie Rosman.


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