Thursday, September 25, 2014


Ah yes, coffee is enjoyable no matter the occasion.  Coffee isn't just for breakfast.  Coffee can also be enjoyed afternoon and evening too.  If a had a cappuccino and/or an espresso brewer, then so much the better.  Though I'll be honest with the Gentle Reader and say I don't know how to use the cappuccino and/or the espresso brewer.  Though, brewing cappuccino and/or espresso shouldn't be that hard.  Though everybody on Earth would agree that brewing normal average everyday coffee is much easier than brewing cappuccino and/or espresso.  Hot tea is fun to drink.  Iced tea is also delightful  And don't forget fruit smoothies.  Ah yes, fruit smoothies is among the best ever drinks to enjoy.  And milk shakes is also a blast to drink on a hot scorching day (Also tasty in the Winter too).  And so, my enjoyment of non-alcoholic beverages continues.  No blurred vision.  No hangovers.  No forgotten memories.  No humiliating red cup photos to cover up.  No problems.  No hassles.  Life with non-alcoholic beverages is the best ever.
And as I'm lost in thought while taking another sip of coffee, here are some photos of Jennifer Lawrence.


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