Wednesday, September 3, 2014


Allison Williams was born in Hartford, Connecticut on April 13, 1988.  NBC Evening News Anchor Brian Williams and Television Producer Jane Gillan Stoddard are her parents.  Republican Party Congressman, Civil Rights for African-Americans Advocate and Anti-Slavery Abolitionist Reverend Owen Lovejoy (January 6, 1811 to March 25, 1864) is her three times Great Grandfather on her mothers side.  After relocating to New Canaan, Connecticut where she spent most of her childhood, Yale University was the place where she perfected her acting skills.  Among the clubs that she joined while in attendance to Yale was the improvisation group Just Add Water, the College Musical series and the Yale University Secret Society Club called St. Elmos.  It was her skits that led her being cast as Marnie Michaels on the cable television drama series Girls on April 15, 2012. 

Allison Williams has recently been casted to play the role of Peter Pan in the live telecast toe taping musical extravaganza Peter Pan Live on December 4, 2014 on NBC.  Below is Allison Williams in her colorful action costume super-suit for her role as Peter Pan---The boy who never wants to grow up.  It's a once and then it's done production also starring Christopher Walken as Captain Hook and Christian Borle playing both the roles of Mr. Smee (Captain Hook's sidekick) and George Darling (Wendy Darling's father).  The rest of the cast has yet to be hired for the once and then it's done toe tapping musical extravaganza live television stage show production on a closed studio set.

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