Thursday, September 11, 2014


Most people didn't think that Jesse Eisenberg has what it takes to play Lex Luthor in the upcoming movie currently being filmed Batman Vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  However, keep in mind that Jesse Eisenberg successfully played the role of Mark Zuckerberg in the film the Social Network.  So there is a significant chance that evil ivy league college educated billionaire corporate CEO super intelligent intellectual Lex Luthor will be a sufficient match against Ben Affleck as ivy league college educated billionaire corporate CEO super intelligent intellectual Bruce Wayne aka Batman in a scary threatening horrible acting psychopath sort of way.  The scary part is that Lex Luthor has the same exact abilities and the same exact resources that Bruce Wayne has so the two are evenly matched against each other.

Speaking of Batman, here is the first glimpse of the new Batmobile that will be driven by the Ben Affleck version of Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

Somebody photographed something from the Batman Vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice set which suggested that Lex Luthor is about to join forces with the Joker against Batman and Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman.
There is a rumor floating around that Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman dies forever and never ever returns in Batman Vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  Which means that the Justice League can never truly get started until the day Superman forever dies.  That kind of sucks because Superman always played a crucial role in the comic book version of the Justice League, but his very existence is blocking the Justice League from getting started in the movie continuity.  Such a shame that the movie version of the Justice League has absolutely no faith in Superman while the comic book version of the Justice League always trusted Superman with everything.  At any rate, this could be the last ever installment of the Superman film series. 

It's green screen time.  That means time for computer generated images aka CGI.  I have no idea what the heck is going on though.
The comic book version of the city of Metropolis built a statue of Clark Kent aka Superman after he died and this is exactly what's being built for Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  Tough luck Superman, Justice League hates you so much that it can't get started until you croak.  Such a shame your existence is making everybody want to cry so much that you need to die in order for those people to start feeling better about themselves. 

Amy Adams is  ready to play the role of Lois Lane for the second time.  She first played the role of Lois Lane opposite Henry Cavill in Man of Steel and she's going to play the role again in Batman Vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice.  Once again, as always, Lois Lane is playing the role of Clark Kent aka Superman's girlfriend and unofficial sidekick.  Nobody knows what will happen to Lois Lane when Superman dies forever and a statue is built to commemorate the permanent death of Superman.

Gal Gadot as Diana Prince aka Wonder Woman arrives by car to somewhere.  I'm not sure where Wonder Woman is going while dressed up in street clothing though.

One thing is for certain.  Batman, Superman and perhaps even Wonder Woman will join forces and Lex Luthor will try to destroy all three of them somehow.  We'll know more when the film is released in theaters nationwide.
Oh yeah, Batman vs. Superman:  Dawn of Justice director has been having a friendly feud against Star Wars Episode VII---Title Unknown director J.J. Abrams with the following twitter photos.
Henry Cavill as Clark Kent aka Superman holding a light saber for Sith Lords
 Ben Affleck as Bruce Wayne aka Batman with R2D2
 Gotham City Police Department places a Sith Lord employed Storm Trooper under arrest.
While the Gentle Reader and I are on the subject, here are some set photos of Star Wars Episode VII---Title Unknown.

 J.J. Abrams standing in front of a blue X-Wing Fighter spaceship.

 Lupita Nyong'o as Sith Lord Master (Or is it apprentice) Asajj Ventress and some of her buddies.  The animated cartoon version of Asajj Ventress is Caucasian, wears a severely different colorful action costume super-suit and uses a double sided light saber.  J.J. Abrams prefers an African-American woman to play either the Sith Lord Master (Mistress) or Sith Lord Apprentice instead.

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