Thursday, September 25, 2014


I'm not able to take selfies of myself because I lack the technology.  If I manage to gain hold of such technology, I'm not able to utilize it properly---Not yet at any rate.  Still, I'm a fast learner.  Or rather, I'd like to think of myself as a fast learner.  I know how to take selfies with old fashion cameras.  The problem is getting the cash to afford photo developing labs.  Selfies are popular because there is no need to spend any cash on photo developing labs.  The photo comes out instantly and then is posted on the Internet just as quickly.  Technology is advancing rapidly.  What used to be considered cutting edge technology becomes obsolete much too quickly.  It will be fun to see what technology has it store for us all in the future.
Vacation Getaway of the day:  Weiz, Austria
And as I'm lost in thought while surfing across the Internet, here are some photos of Naomi Watts.


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